Crypto Currency API

Simple web app concept that shows cryptocurrency prices, volume, and change. This app pulls real-time data from Cryptonator, a cryptocurrency API. Prices are updated every 30 seconds.

RGB Game

RGB Color Game

Web Game

Try to guess the random RGB color shown at the top by selecting the color boxes provided below—a fun web color game to pass the time and get design inspiration. Click New Colors or Try Again? to start a new game. Choose between Easy and Hard difficulty.



Task Manager App Concept

A simple task manager app concept that allows you to add, check, uncheck, and delete listed tasks as needed. New tasks are not persistent and are deleted once the browser is refreshed.

Dots Nav

Dots Nav Concept

Mobile Nav Menu Concept

A simple navigation menu animation concept. Minimalist design used to provide ample space for background images. Navigation dot items expand when the main nav dot is clicked. Click the main nav dot again to close all nav dot items.